Intimacy Retreats

As human beings, we are hard-wired to love and be loved.  Intimacy is an important part of our loving spirit.  At times, intimacy can be carefree, spontaneous - even creative.  At other times, intimacy can be difficult due to conflict, discomfort, and distance.  We are committed to working with couples who are experiencing difficulty within their intimate relationship.  We are enthusiastic to share thoughts about ways to increase connection, pleasure, and play within your relationship!


At this very moment, we are busy creating an amazing workshop experience for you and your partner focused on increasing intimacy in your relationship!

We are passionate about creating a safe place to learn, explore, and expand the meaning of sex and intimacy.

If you are interested in one of our future intimacy workshops, please email Kim or Kristin, and we will put you on a waitlist and contact you when our workshop is ready to share!  

What should I say when I want to kiss the side of your neck and leave it at that ?  When I want to feel the heat of my own breath bounce back and warm my lips after I strategically place them on my favorite pieces of your skin.  I want to leave goosebumps everywhere I have not yet kissed and spend the night trying to read them like Braille.  – Tyler Knott Gregson

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